Web Design


This service includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. A new custom website design or redesign
  2. A responsive "mobile-friendly" development build
  3. Content production
  4. SEO Built-in (Basic SEO)
  5. 9 pages (Starter count. More pages can be added as needed)
  6. Server prep & site launch

Our customers are unique. They have no use for "cookie-cutter" solutions, and we have no desire to provide them. All of our work is custom; designed and built from scratch to fit your exact needs and budget. It is because of this that project costs will always vary from client to client. And that's a good thing. It means we are able to work with you to craft a plan based on your unique project requirements and budgetary restraints. Everyone wins!

About Flagstaff Web Design
Designing a website involves clear thinking and broad assessment. Developing a substantial site takes a considerable amount of research and planning as well. Brand management, information architecture, technical writing, graphic & media creation, and content production are all elements of the process. They should be met head-on to ensure that your project evolves in a professional manner. An outline of your primary goals will serve as the foundation for your project, and will help those involved to provide meaningful feedback as your project transitions through the various stages.

You should know your target audience and plan to organize your site to meet their needs. User experience will vary from beginners who need a simple and well thought out home page, to power users who may just be looking for quick drill-down access to the desired information. A good solution should accommodate both.

It's no secret that talented graphic artists often seek outside inspiration to get their artistic juices flowing. The best of them usually end up with a sizable library of collected works by other artists. It's the same with web designers. We routinely scour the web for creative examples and solutions. We look at background treatments, header treatments, body/content area treatments, footer treatments, and overall composition. We study navigation implementation, content clusters, color schemes, graphical elements, lighting, font usage, and the use of white space. Great design is a coming together of all of these elements in support of the client's core vision.

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