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GoBot Nano

2D Mobile Game. Free-to-play!

Note: This is a beta version. Only 2 levels (zones) are completed. The 3rd zone is being actively developed. In-app purchases are available.

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GoBot Nano

Game Design

At a remote R&D facility in the Nevada desert, a secret underground organization is working on an upgrade to their Artificial Intelligence Engine for a new line of robots – the GoBots – which are comprised of individual nano-bots.
Nano, the first bot to test the new AI, becomes self-aware and quietly hatches a plan to free the others. When an engineer discovers an anomaly in his behavior module, the facility is put into kill-zone lock-down and evacuated. Nano must navigate and take control of the perilous kill zones in order to free his fellow GoBots.

  • Design – Side-scrolling action/logic/platformer type. This is not a forced runner type game. Some obstacles require either a quick and direct interaction (moving, pushing, climbing, etc.), or a moment of pause in order to progress passed them. Although timing is the key to advancing, critical thinking is the key to winning.
  • Core loop – Collect coins (crystals), avoid enemies (falling, moving, and shooting), and navigate an interactive obstacle course using precise timing, good reflexes, and critical thinking.
  • Art direction
    • 2D.
    • Mildly cartoonish with an emphasis on aggressive shapes. Minimal use of outlines.
    • Stylish Grunge with hints of abstract.
    • Dark/medium tones sprinkled with colorful accents, over rich vibrant backgrounds.
    • Each zone has its own unique background, and where necessary, its own shapes. Some shapes (enemies, platforms, objects) will be reused from time to time.
  • Mechanics – Zones (levels), bonus levels, collect coins (crystals) for points, discovery, quest, reward, puzzle guessing (logic), Leaderboards.
  • Meta-game – Possible “creative solutions”. Considering the adaptive nature of how the character is able to interact with objects while solving certain problems, it is possible that players will be able to concoct solutions that fall outside of those already built in.
  • Monetization – Free to play, with 0.99¢ in-app purchases for unlocking zones, unlocking characters, and removing ads.
  • Audio – Gameplay music loop provides an air of mystery without being too dark. It was composed by me in Ableton Live with royalty free assets.
  • Unlock Zones – Zone 2 will unlock after you complete zone 1. If you need to, you can also purchase to unlock Zone 2 for $0.99 cents. Zones 3 through 7 cannot be purchased/unlocked at this time.
  • Unlock Characters – Currently, the only character available for purchase is Lea – for $0.99 cents.

Google Play Store: Link Here

Apple App Store: Working on an update.

Have questions about this game?: 928-213-0933.