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Make a 30% Commission

Refer Friends & Associates, Make up to $1,000+ Bucks

Responsive Web Design

Do you know someone (or someone who knows someone) that might need a new mobile-friendly website for their business? If the answer is yes, you can earn a 30% commission on their final project price simply for referring them to me. Once your friend or associate funds their project, you get paid!

Here's How It Works

  1. Share the following link: with someone who needs a new mobile-friendly website, or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work, or both.
  2. When they purchase online through PayPal (with PayPal Purchase Protection), just make sure they use the “Add special instructions to the seller:” box during checkout to type in the PayPal account email address you want your 30% commission sent to, and you've earned anywhere from $765 to $1,038 or more, depending on the final project purchase price.

There are three items for sale on the above Pricing page:

  • $2,550 Basic Responsive Web Design Package (commission = $765)
  • $3,460 Premium Responsive Web Design Package (commission = $1,038)
  • $2,600 Sensible SEO Small Business Package (commission = $780)

I'm offering you a 30% commission on each of them. So if they need a new website & SEO, you get the commission on both.

NOTE: Commissions are based entirely on the final project purchase price, which could be larger or smaller than the prices listed above. I offer custom solutions for clients, not cookie-cutter options. You can always communicate with your friend or associate to confirm the final purchase price. It's also important to note that typically, clients pay 50% up front, 25% at a mutually agreed upon milestone, and 25% on project completion. So you would get your 30% of each of those payments at the time they are made, until the project is fully funded.:-)

But what if you need a website for yourself or your business? Just use your own PayPal email address in the instructions box, and get 30% of your payment sent back to you. So 30% cash back! :-)

Purchasers do not need a PayPal account to purchase a new website or SEO. They can use their credit or debit card to complete the purchase without ever having to sign up or sign in. In order to get your commission however, please have a PayPal account, or be willing to create one. It’s fast, it’s free, and there are some pretty great benefits. But the main reason in this case, is because I’m using a PayPal Business account for all items on the Packages page. Transferring your commission to you then becomes super quick and easy.

If you absolutely prefer to receive your payment by check, please be sure the friend or associate you refer, adds your best contact info in the instructions box. I will reach out to you ASAP to get your payment details.

Anthony Williamson

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