A Multidisciplinary Approach

About Us

We are situated near the base of the majestic San Francisco Peaks, so named in 1629 in honor of Saint Francis of Assisi by Friars who had established a mission at the Hopi village Oraibi, some 65 miles away. This extinct volcano is considered to be of great spiritual energy. Nestled amid the Coconino National Forest, we enjoy the casual lifestyle of a small town. The people here in Flagstaff are truly amazing.

We take a considerable amount of pride and joy in our work, having successfully carried hundreds of paid client projects from concept to design, development, production, content recommendation and restructure, to SEO, analytics, marketing, and site launch.

Flagstaff Web Design

Flagstaff Business

Magi - What's in a Name?

Starting out as a side business in 1998, Web Magi became an official full-time web design business entity in 2003, right here in Flagstaff! We did a fair amount of research before settling on a name. The word Magi, pronounced maji, has carried several meanings over the centuries. The one that resonated the most with us was “wise men from the east” – as we are wise in the ways of the web, and hail from eastern NC.

For us, having a dual focus as designer & developer, we naturally take a multidisciplinary approach to solving complex problems. It’s about what we’ve learned lately coupled with broad experiential diversity, know-how, and a knack for finding the right balance between scope and budget for each client. Our objective with every project is to first understand your needs and project goals. We then map out the scope of your project based on budget and timing. This attention to detail ensures that we get the job done right, on time, and within budget.

With a talent for learning, adapting, and refining methods and procedures, we enter into every project with a clear goal and a fresh perspective. We put ourselves 100% into everything that we do. Meaning that whatever we choose to focus our time and energy on, it then becomes a personal statement of who we are.

Real-world Experience

  • Website Design, Development, and Production utilizing HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript (for static websites)
  • Responsive Web Design (RWD)
  • UX/UI Design
  • Graphic Design, Logo Design, Illustration, Print, and Branding
  • Game Design & Development
  • Animation
  • Motion Graphics
  • Video and Audio Editing and Composition
  • Mobile Web Apps – Design, development, and production utilizing HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (jQuery), and Knockout JS for data binding.
  • Multi-Platform Apps – Design, development, and production of apps intended for Apple and Android mobile devices and App Stores, utilizing design-centric development tools and methodologies.
  • SEO Research and Site Implementation
  • Site Search Integration and Maintenance, including backend software installation, setup, and management.
  • Sitemaps
  • Email Newsletter Marketing – Design and Campaign Management, including backend software installation, setup, and updates.
  • Google AdWords Ad Marketing – Keyword Research, Landing Page Creation/Restructure, Campaign setup and Management.
  • Social Marketing
  • Custom Google Maps
  • Ecommerce (WooCommerce w/WordPress, Ecwid, Open Cart, nopCommerce, etc.)
  • Form Creation and Management
  • Content Management Systems (WordPress, etc.) – Taking web designs from approval to development, production, site security, and launch, to client training on how to manage content updates through the CMS.
  • Online Learning Platforms (Moodle)
  • Slideshows & galleries, including backend software installation, setup, and updates
  • Website Maintenance

Experience-driven Skillset

  • Graphic Designer
  • Web and Print Designer
  • Game Designer & Developer
  • Animation
  • Motion Graphics
  • Video Editing and Composition
  • Audio Editing and Composition
  • Web & Mobile Front-end Developer (RWD, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, etc.)
  • Multi-Platform App Designer & Front-end Developer (iOS, Android, Web App)
  • Design-Centric Development – Utilizing tools & methods to augment or replace old, tired hand coding workflows.
  • Ecommerce (Shopping cart setup of your prefference, integration, production, and maintenance – based on project scope)
  • WordPress w/Security
  • Backend Server/Software Integration and Management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Wireframing – Prototyping – Mind Mapping
  • Usability, UX/UI Design, Interaction Design, Accessibility, Quality Assurance
  • Website Management
  • IT Guy, including:
    • Computer Build and Repair
    • Operating System Specialist and Troubleshooting Expert for Windows and Mac
    • Computer Networking